Ranking The Fighters of Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power

By: Luke Almeida

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10. Krillin

We put Krillin at the last of our list for the universe 7 fighters. Being part of this list and representing the universe is a big accomplishment in itself; and it is no surprise that Krillin is known as one of the weaker fighters of the ten. Krillin has been part of the Z family as long as we can remember, meeting Goku at a young age, and fighting in the World Tournament. Over the Dragon Ball Z years, we have seen his character develop to a funny father that we do love and almost need to be a part of the show. After Freeze had taken his life, needing to be resurrected by the dragon balls, Krillin certainly took more of a back role in fights. It was great to see him shave his head, and train hard again during Dragon Ball Super.

9. Tien Shen

Personally, I love Tien and his character. We know him best for his tri-beam attack, solar flare, and multi-form where he can split into multiple Tiens. He has such a good arsenal of tools that he now runs his own dojo with Master Roshi. Having high hopes with Tien usually results in being disappointed, as we always see him fall short for in major fights. Regardless, Tien is a tough fighter and deserves more fight cameos.

8. Master Roshi

We do place Master Roshi at the top of the bottom three. Master Roshi has been around forever, and this will play a role in the tournament of power. The tournament will be huge, and take more than just strength to win; this will put Master Roshi at an advantage. He has a huge collection of attacks, new fans will not know this but he invented the kamehameha by training for 50 years. We can always expect to have some funny one liners from him, to be followed up with pure fighting wisdom to help Universe 7 win.

7. Android 18

We all know the androids are no joke, and Android 18 herself is a very strong fighter. We can consider the androids a huge step above Roshi, Tien, and Krillin. The one thing to keep in mind is that although the androids can train all they want and they have unlimited stamina, they can’t enter into a transformation like the Saiyans. Unlimited stamina alone will be a huge benefit in the tournament of power, because they will never get tired. Since Android 18 has had Marron she has not been keeping up with her training which does make her weaker than her brother.

6. Android 17

When thinking about Android 17 from Dragon Ball Z, we immediately realize how ruthless of a character he was, almost heartless. He killed his own creator, Dr. Gyroo; and as Future Trunks warned, if not stopped Android 17 and the others would have taken over the world. After Dragon Ball Z, Android 17 moved to a conservation area to keep up with his training and became peaceful, and at ease with nature. He never stopped scaling, and kept up with Goku in SSJB in a sparring match. We can expect great things to come from him in the tournament of power, and recruiting him was one of the best decisions Goku made.

5. Piccolo

Piccolo once overlooked the earth and protected it and its inhabitants. Although Piccolo has had a hard time keeping up with the power scaling in the Dragon Ball Universe, he is essential to this team. He brings the same element of fighting wisdom as Master Roshi, and combines it with spiritual wisdom to be the strongest Namekian in our Universe. There is a lot of hype around Piccolo since returning to train with Gohan in Super, and it brings back the memories of when he was taking care of Gohan when he was a Child in Z. Like Tien, he is a fan favorite for me with a huge arsenal of attacks. He is such a major character, that we can expect him to show up when we need him most.

4. Freiza

Although arguably a scary choice to have in the tournament of power representing our Universe, Freiza is very strong and Golden Freiza is almost a God. The good thing is that Freiza is not on par with Goku and Vegeta, so if he does get out of line they can take matters into their own hands. We know this will not be needed, Freiza will see the bigger picture and simply enjoy a fight. Being a villain Freiza will take no prisoners and wreck anything in his path. Being a former ruler of an army, we can also expect Freiza to only act like this and not use his energy when needed.

3. Vegeta

If you can piss off Vegeta enough, he is easily number one on this list. Vegeta is the proud and true saiyan prince that is constantly working to grow stronger, only to be met by a higher bar set by Goku. In the tournament of power he will be a force to be reckoned with, and will show no mercy. Vegeta’s anger can be a downfall in his own, leading him to make bad decisions in fights. Since training with Whis, we can expect Vegeta to show up big and knock off some top contenders by giving everything he has. There is no doubt when Vegeta goes SSJB in this tournament, it will scare some of the other fighters and turn the heads of the gods.

2. Goku

Some will argue that Goku is an obvious first for a top 10, and there is no question about this but we put him at number 2. There is no doubt that Goku will do great things in the tournament, and break limits as the story always goes. Goku is known in the multiverse which will put a target on his back. His strength comes from his optimism and good heart, willing to do anything to protect his friends and family, and at times the other fighters may look to him for this strength too. It’s hard to list him at second seeing as time after time we have seen Goku get stronger, becoming the most adaptive fighter rivaling the Gods.

1. Gohan

Gohan is the natural leader of the fighters, but that is not what makes him the top fighter on this list for the tournament. He is number one because I think this will be his time to show his true potential as a fighter. As the universe’s erase during the fight, Gohan will fill with fury. We know Gohan is smart, and has spent his entire life training and studying. He has a family to fight for, and he is also the son of Goku. During the Cell saga, we witnessed Gohan become the strongest fighter in the world being the one to defeat Cell and first to reach SSJ2 at 11 years old. It’s scary to think how strong he would have become if training is all he did, but he slowed down to go back to school and live a normal life. Gohan showed us his Mystic form during the Buu saga but this was not his true Mystic form. We could fathom Gohan’s power when he became Mystic back then, this form was not matched to Goku. Gohan’s true form of hitting Mystic is a reference to the form being a mystery, something the other fighters and Gods will not comprehend and yet to be achieved